The Healthcare Pracademic

Health Care Delivery Improvement. Infectious Diseases. Academic Medicine


Having seen patients for over 25 years – first during medical school and residency in Pondicherry (now called Puducherry), India, and subsequently in several different healthcare settings in the US, it’s pretty frustrating to know that you can’t deliver on all the medical knowledge there is. Yet, I do my best to retain my sense of idealism which made me begin this journey in medicine in the first place. I blog in order to present curated information and my thoughts and perspectives to friends and members of my professional community. My experience and expertise is in infectious diseases, epidemiology, quality and patient safety. The largest share of my current responsibilities is administration/ leadership for quality and safety related to infections in a busy academic healthcare environment. I also see patients, teach and do original research.

I tend to publish 6-12 blogposts per year. Thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and do not represent those of the organizations or professional groups I am associated with.

Hope you enjoy my blog and look forward to interacting with you,

Pranavi Sreeramoju, MD, MPH

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